What Goes Up, Must Stay in Motion

What Goes Up, Must Stay in Motion

There I was staring into the gaping maw of manhood. It was cavernous, like a beast made of flesh and steel and bone and teeth and it was pointed at me. I panicked, but I held my ground like any true soldier would. I planted my feet and prepared to spelunk my way into the history books.

There she was, Patricia Gunderson, otherwise known as Patti Gunderson. She had her hair tied with a ribbon and wore a tight pink top with a little bit of a white bow tie to top it all off. Below that was a plaid skirt that held tan leggings that ran the length of her legs until they met uncharacteristically leather combat boots. She was the kind of girl who would kick your ass but only if she felt like it.

She was there standing right in front of me, mouth pointing in a kissing motion directed at my mouth. I puckered, excited and moved in for the kill. Somewhere along the way of both of us keeping our mouthes closed we managed to meet them for a moment and I immediately recoiled.

This was a strange sensation that I never felt before. I felt like a piece of paper freshly printed from some place that makes Printing NYC. I was knew and I was thin and flimsy in her hands. She looked down at me, the font on my face said it all, she opened her mouth and said “Do you think that’s it” and she engulfed me.

She pulled me close and made me a man that day. Her arm wrapped around mine and she kissed me passionately and forever. I shivered in her strong arms and she kissed me until I felt like I never would breathe again and I didn’t want to.

I felt the warm surge of her self air pushing into mine and it tasted sweet. Like the smell of a peach but in a way that I never expected to feel. I put my arms around her and we continued. Picking up the pace and kissing tongue parts. IT was sloppy and it was exciting and I don’t think I’ve ever felt anything like that since. IT was truly breathtaking.

I woke up a few minutes later to her fanning my face I had passed out. Maybe I should have surfaced for air. She’s looking down at me smiling her hand extended in now-more-than-friendship. “You know you can stop for breath if you want to?” I did stop for breath, and she stopped my heart.

We got married a few years ago, no kids yet, but we are trying. Soemtimes you never know how it’s going to work out.

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