Welcome To Ten Villas

Who doesn’t like traveling to new places? Everyone I know loves traveling. I have been traveling for as long as I can remember. My name is Christopher but everyone calls me Chris. When people ask the where I’m from, my answer is always changing. It’s not changing because I’m lying it’s changing because it’s the truth, I’m from all of those places I tell them. Technically speaking, I was born in Oakland, California. Three months after I was born my family moved to South Florida, Ft. Lauderdale to be exact. By the time I started school, I was living Jacksonville, Florida. So you get the picture, I’m literally from every where!

After starting school in Jacksonville, the moving was just getting started. In the second grade, my father got a new job in Texas, so we moved to Houston. We lived in Houston up until I was in the eighth grade. Of all of the places my family lived, Houston was my favorite. When I got to the ninth grade my parents decided to put off the moving around until after I high school.

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