Nobody Said it Would Be Easy

Nobody said it would be easy

There I was, standing at the top of the only hill in South Florida, ready to drop down in a moments notice. The helmet firmly clasped around m neck. My gloves tight and hands flaying out like rubbing the smooth body of a flat table. My legs facing away from me as my neck strains to keep straight.

Beneath me, the epic skateboard that my brother gave me before he went missing all those years ago. It was a windy day, not unlike the day my brother left me forever. I can feel my hair wisping against my neck, my eyes narrowing with fear and anticipatioin. My best friend, Pookie, behind me, mustard stains on his shirt and his fat cheeks in a righteous roar. Separating from my body is the cute girl that I like, Ashley, who spells her name with two E’s but no way I’m going to follow that rule right now.

She was pulling away from me because she had just pushed me and I was flying down the hill now. I move from the hill onto the road ahead of me, the rough gravel making way for smooth pavement. I was gliding now and with this speed came a fear of unknown. Unknown of my speed, unknowing my position in life. But I will never forget the sign ‘SEO Miami’ getting closer and closer to my face until me and Miami had become close friends.

I had hit the back of the truck going 25 miles per hour and had suffered a concussion. Doctor said I would never ride again. Now that it’s several years later. I don’t take as many risks as I used to. I keep things safe and I always do what needs to be done to ensure I can pay for my medical bills.

I straightened up and got myself a great job working for a company that provides the best SEO fort Lauderdale has ever seen. I get to work here as a cleaner. My stupid brain can’t formulate words well anymore so I just clean when I’m there. This blog post itself took me about 3 hours to write and I only did it because they don’t ask me to clean anything besides the trash cans.

But I long for the work, I long for the excitement of being able to do something a normal person would do. Often times I will bend over to tie my shoes and end up crapping my pants instead. It’s a rough world, it’s not a good world for me.

My name is Chris, and this is 10 Villas.

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