1988 and My Moon Shoes

1988 and My Moon Shoes

The year was 1988 and I had no idea what I was talking about. I was walking down the street in my Moon Shoes, one of the last time I was able to walk down the street without needing assistance due to my hoirrible smacking of the back of a truck, I was young and dumb and was enjoying my ability to walk.

T here I was standing out side Tony Tonirelli’s Printing Miami Superstar Store. It was a mouthful but so was his pizzeria and nobody had anything they could tell him about anything cause he was the boss and everyone else was a sucker or a worker. I was a worker. I would run through the machines and drain them so no wise kids could get any quarter fetishes out of it.

Tony told me that for every 25 I brought in I could keep one. Now this was a happening place, it’s where all the superstars are at after all.

So I would go around and they called me the quarter king. I was running a proverbial quarter mafia right under everyone’s noses. Each direction you’d see the girl gamers there looking at me for quarters cause they knew I could get my own and not have anyone know.

But where ther comes pride there comes the fall. Eventually one of the girls became jealous because I was giving quarters to another girl and they got in a fight. When that happened, Tony found out and worked to undercut my hours citing that if I had the ability to do it then I had the ability to steal and he doesn’t work with stealers if he did he would be in Philly instead of Miami.

I had no idea what that meant but I knew I needed to make things right or I woiuld end p in the bottle of a lake with no snorkel just like the previous quarter boy. Anyway, to make a long story short. Tony ended up setting up shop somewhere a little bit south of where we are right now. He has to answer to a much angrier boss now but I still got to keep my business just as I always wanted. Moon Shoes man. The only way to move above the heavens is if you’re crawling with moon shoes

The future is now. The future of K Pop. Only we can chew it.

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